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Need a bartender for your next event? You've come to the right place. 

Elites & Bottles


Why work with an elite?

Elites & Bottles Bartending Services was founded by Angie Kollcaku in 2016.

Having 7+ years of bartending experience under her belt, Angie wanted to create a team of service professionals who knew their craft, and knew it well. These professionals would come to be known as the elites, the best of the best. They exemplify outstanding customer service, have undergone rigorous training, are TIPS certified, and use their most powerful tool of all- creativity- to create cocktails and flair at your next event. They are highly knowledgable of all drinks & cocktails and have engaging personalities to connect with you & your guests. We understand birthdays, weddings, and parties are special. This is why our group of elites will do anything and everything it takes to make your event the most memorable & successful. Sit back, have a beverage and enjoy your party. After all, we want you to be a guest at your own event. So book a bartender today, and let one of our bar professionals service you and your guests!

We're not just bartenders. We're mixologists.

People's taste buds are not a one-size-fits-all. That's why cocktails shouldn't be either. With Elites & Bottles, we bring true traditional mixologists to the table. What makes a mixologist, well.. a mixologist? It's the art and skill of utilizing guest's preferences, do's and don't-likes, product at hand, and being able to concoct a beverage particularly suited & tailored to them. In fact, think of us as alcohol chefs.

We don't just tend bar. We push the limits of what mixed drinks can be.


Angie K.

Owner and founder of Elites & Bottles Bartending Services


Vanessa K.

Lead bartender


Blaike G.

Elite bartender

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 18.49.17.png

Katy S.

Elite bartender


Zana B.

Elite bartender

Besides, we also provide-

  • skilled bartenders

  • flexible hours

  • competitive pricing

  • a fun, yet professional environment

  • a FREE consultation which includes a game plan and a shopping list

  • a liquor and general liability insurance policy

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